What is Physioline?

Physioline is a unique service that gives you telephone access to a physiotherapist for expert advice. Where appropriate, the physio will provide you with a specific programme of exercises to alleviate your problem, which you can access online for ease.

How does it work?

Simply call 021 202 2862 and arrange a telephone appointment with your Physio. They'll listen to your problem and provide you with specific exercises to alleviate it.

On or after this call you’ll receive an email to register for the Physioline service. Once you have registered you can access the exercises through this link to ensure you do them correctly.

What happens after my initial appointment?

The physio will call you back seven days later to see how you’re doing. They’ll also advise you about what to do next.

It’s just another way of looking after you always.

Call 021 202 2862