Liver Function Test

Home Test - €89

As a laya healthcare member you may be entitled to claim some or all of the cost of your home test kits (subject to your outpatient excess). Simply log onto your dedicated Member Area on and check under everyday medical expenses. 

Why do this home kit?

If you have liver disease, have a family history of liver disease, or certain other risk factors (overweight, diabetes, high blood pressure, or heavy drinker), it is a good idea to regularly have a liver function test to monitor your health.

How are the tests done? 

A single finger prick blood test is taken by you at home using the kit provided. Once you have posted the sample to the Lab, the blood is assayed for cholesterol level and liver function profile. These results will be given to you via by an Irish-registered GP.

How will I get the results?

The results will be delivered to your confidential medical file on the website. They will be assessed by one of our Irish-registered doctors, and if further action is required, you will be advised as to what the next steps are.

What if my results indicate a health issue?

The doctor takes into consideration the questionnaire you filled out with your medical history, as well as your test results, before advising you on further action. However, if your liver test results are elevated, you will likely be advised to repeat the test in 3-4 months. If the results are twice the upper limit of the normal range, you will be advised to repeat the test in 3-4 weeks. If your results are continually elevated or a rising trend is noted, you will likely be referred on to a specialist.